Three Peaks Race

There was great excitment in the area last weekend with the start of the annual Three Peaks Race from Barmouth. The race entails sailing from Barmouth to Caernarfon, running from the quay in Caernarfon to the top of Snowdon and back, proceeding under sail to Whitehaven in Cumbria, and then cycling to Ennerdale in order to run up Scafell. Then a long sail to Fort William for the runners to run up Ben Nevis.

You might ask where we fit into all this. Well Team Danu Technologies from Ireland stayed with us on the Friday evening before the race, and as things turned out they won the race. We like to think that a good nights rest and good hearty Welsh breakfast played a small part in their triumph.

The team left Barmouth at 4.00 on Saturday afternoon and finished at 10.00 pm on Tuesday evening. Quite a feat. The next time you spend the day sweating up Snowdon, consider that runners Deon Mc Neilly and Gary Bailey ran 8 miles from Caernarfon to the foot of the mountain and returned in a time of a little over 5 hours. Tough guys.

If you want to check out more information on the race click on the link below.

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    Great post about three peaks

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